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Whether you plan on posting your photos on social media or printing them on a large billboard, your photos are adjusted in size to fit the purpose that suits you.

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Receive your photos directly or via online transfer under two weeks from the date of the session.

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Lauryn Harriman

Brad has a beautiful and unique creative eye. You will be so happy that you hired him—don't hesitate!

Olivier Menashe

Hell of a photographer ! (Little bonus, if you want your wedding photographer to also be your singer, Bradley has an amazing voice! )

Sara zakka caland

It's always such a pleasure working with him! He's an amazing photographer and one of the kindest people I know!

Bethany Calene

Having a brother in the fashion industry, I’ve seen a lot of photography. Brad’s use of background, color, lighting, shadows, etc. is phenomenal! It’s exciting to see this sort of unique perspective in a young artist.

Liz-Eunji Sellers

Brad is an amazing photographer! He definitely knows what he is doing and always make it greater than our expectations. Also very artistic/ nice person!

Jamie N.

So thrilled with the quality of work and the final product. He was very professional. Would love to work with him again.

Graeme Wilson

Brad Leach has been one of the most creative and artistically in-tune photographers in the Moscow area for years now. Can't recommend him enough.

Aziz Almuaqel

Bradley is very a talented and creative photographer. He never fails to expose the beauty in people through his lens.

Iman Bengana

Bradley has a beautiful eye for his creative work. I would love to work with him one day, after seeing the pieces he's made. He's very professional in what he does and takes his work very seriously. I would always trust leaving my art work in his hands.

Tami Green

Bradley has been photographing my family for at least 7 or 8 years. He is incredibly creative and inspiring during his photo shoots. I have known Bradley since he was 12 years old and have always been impressed with his honesty and integrity. Anytime I have a chance to get my loved ones in front of his lens I feel incredibly privileged. Bradley has a knack for capturing candid and artistic shots every time.

Riki Davis

Brad is a very creative and talented artist. He’s also really nice and easy to work with.

Caroline Richstein

Super professional. I haven’t known Bradley for long but I can tell he has a special eye for art. He was fun to work with and I was thrilled with his work!

Jillian Speece

Bradley is an incredibly talented photographer/videographer we had the pleasure of working with him on a shoot in Paris and while we were on tour in America... and have nothing but good things to say about his work! He has a great eye and esthetic.

Emily Houp

I have always loved brads photography. He has a beautiful talent & being a subject of his art is always a good experience.

Kira Guyer

Brad is creative and consistently produces unique, high quality work. He's always fine-tuning his craft and has an eye for beauty. He’s personable, detail-oriented and will go the extra mile to ensure that you end up with excellent photos.

Andrew Turner

One of the most creative minds to work with. He truly knows how to captivate you in ways you’d never think of and the result would literally come out to be everything you’ve always wanted. He’s so dope.

Lien Pham

Brad is an incredible photographer capable of highlighting individual personality even in stylized shots. He’s friendly, passionate, and great to work with!!

Rebecca Dykes

Brad Leach is so fun to work with, and he spends so much time before and after the shoot, planning and editing to make sure everyone gets what they came for. High quality photos with a high-quality person.

Alyse Baughan

Finds all of the beautiful moments and seamlessly puts them together in moving images or the still ones. Poetry for your eyes.

Sierra Breanne Johnson

Bradley has done several photo sessions for our family and every one has turned out phenomenal. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants high quality photos from someone with a great eye.

Sarah Foss

Absolutely stunning work. Love the creativity of it all.


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